Course: COM223 & CIS223.01 - Multimedia with Flash
Genesee Community College (Fall 2012)

                             August 26, 2012

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Instructor: James R. Habermas
Time/Room: T204 1:45-3:34 Monday & Wednesday (FAll 2012)
Monday and Wednesday Office (D273) or T204 11:50am -12:20pm
Tuesday & Thursday Office (D273) 2:00pm-3:30pm
Thursday night (T204) 5:00pm-6:00pm
Email: I will be available for student consultation through Email.


Discussion List:


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Text book:

New Perspectives on Adobe Flash Professional CS5, Comprehensive

Luis A. Lopez | Robin M. Romer
ISBN-13: 9780538453196
536 Pages | © 2011 | Published


Cool Flash
Flash/Jump Drive


Presents FLASH, an extremely powerful vector graphics software for creating dynamic, animated content ranging from basic linear animations to entire websites. Develops skills to create simple, yet impressive animations that can be added to web sites or published as soft-running FLASH Player files. Creates professional and eye-catching interactive content using symbols and instances, actions, sound and FLASH's testing capabilities.

Pre/Corequisite: CIS 113 or ART 209.
Four credit hours

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

1. Create and format static and dynamic text.
2. Import artwork from other programs for use in a FLASH project-import FIREWORKS and PHOTOSHOP pictures and Fireworks pictures.
3. Manipulate objects on the Stage, including selecting, moving, copying, deleting, and transforming them
4. Navigate in the FLASH environment to build projects efficiently
5. Perform frame-by-frame and tweened animations, shape tweening and motion tweening
6. Publish projects for use on the Web
7. Use FLASH's drawing tools to create simple and complex objects
8. Utilize object interaction on a single layer to combine and segment objects
9. Add sound to FLASH movies
10. Apply advanced ActionScript techniques to create and evaluate the position of an object, and dynamically set properties of an object
11. Create animated sequences using frame-by-frame and tweened animations
12. Implement the three types of symbols and instances in at least one animation.
13. Use ActionScript to create basic interactivity, such as image rollovers, GoTo frame actions and GetURL actions
14. Use the testing environment to optimize FLASH movies, and publish and export FLASH movies
15. Use other Drawing software such as Fireworks combined with Dreamweaver to create a Thumbnail page
16. **Use Flash to make an animated version of your thumbnail page. Also use Fireworks and Dreamweaver in this project and create a photo Album, Animated with Flash**

* This course objective has been identified as a student learning outcome that must be formally assessed as part of the College's Comprehensive Assessment Plan.


  • Lesson 1: Introduction to the FLASH Workspace
  • Lesson 2: Drawing Tools
  • Lesson 3: Fills and Gradients
  • Lesson 4: Introduction to Layers
  • Lesson 5: Tour of other FLASH Sites
  • Lesson 6: Importing Artwork
  • Lesson 7: Symbols, Instances and the Library
  • Lesson 8: Animation
  • Lesson 9: Scenes, Action and Buttons
  • Lesson 10: Sound
  • Lesson 11: More Actions
  • Lesson 12: Publish and using FLASH with other Macromedia Software
  • Lesson 13: Automating FLASH with ActionScript
  • Lesson 14: FLASH Communications and Using Forms
  • Lesson 15: Interactivity, working with Multiple Movies and Delivery Methods


Attendance is required for all lectures and labs. A student's final semester average will be lowered by 50 points for each class they are absent. Every class there will be a quiz or attendance taken.  This is how I keep attendance, by the quiz grades.  You have to earn the attendance points via the quiz.

Coming to class late, counts the same as an absent, in a computer lab, you must be ready to take notes, and start promptly. Quiz will be schedule, and turned on, only for a short period of time.  Once the quiz is given to the entire
class, it is then shut off, so if you come in late and the quiz is turned off, you will be given a zero for that quiz grade.

Withdraw from the course

At any time Prior to 10/22/2016 (9th week) a student can simply go to Records and withdraw themselves from the course.  A student should really self-reflect and evaluate how they are doing in the course by Mid October.  Also, speak to the instructor outside of class to discuss if a student should withdraw or stay in the course prior to the end of October. The instructor will not withdraw the student, it is the students responsibility. No exceptions.  Watch this date!
At any time Prior to 10/22/2016

14th of every Month @ 11:59pm  
Web pages graded - 4 times 200max points (projects) 800pts
Mditerm exam and short quizzes 200pts


900 - 1,000 A
800 - 899 B
700 - 799 C
600 - 699 D
Below 600 F



To be successful in this course a student must:
  1. Attended all classes. Be a few minutes early to class, be prompt and ready to take notes at the start of class.  Before class time starts boot the computer, and sign in for attendance and get your notepad and pen ready.
  2. Bring your book, Jump Drive/Flash Drive, syllabus, and notebook, and old projects to all classes since we often reference an old project when we write a new program.  I recommend a organized 3 ring binder.  Also put the date on the top of every handout  given you in class, and organize that binder by date.
  3. Participate in lecture, ask related questions during lecture.
  4. Never miss a test or quiz. Never come late to a quiz, you will be given a zero on that quiz if you come after the quiz is done.
  5. Use aol instant messenger, and email to ask more questions.
Makup Policy
There will be no makeup exams or quiz!  No exceptions!!! No excuse will be acceptable.

Call your instructor to discuss any possible conflicts you might run into before the exam.  There will be no makeup exams.  I drop the lowest quiz grade, but never drop the Midterm exam.

No sports excuse, no personal excuse, or any other excuse, you must take the exam at the same time as everybody else in the class!!!  Missing an exam or quiz is just unacceptable, it is equivalent to missing a job interview!!!!

Your projects and assignments will be graded  at 11:59pm on the 14th of every month. If necessary, homework may be handed in late, however, late projects and assignments will only receive half credit, I DO NOT GO BACK and check the same page twice, so don't post incomplete work. Many of your homework assignments will be graded by viewing your pages you create in class.  Late projects (pages) will only be graded 48 hours after the due date.  If you are late on a project, but get it done within 48 hours of the due date you will receive HALF CREDIT on that page, if you post the page after 48 hours past the due date, it will NOT be graded and you will receive a ZERO for a grade on that project.     Your projects-(lab grade) are a very important factor in your final semester grade, and are directly related to your attendance.  So make sure you attend class to see in lab what edits and options we have added to the pages that are going to be graded that day. 

I encourage my students to keep current, in all the projects.  I don't go back and grade old homework after 48 hours it was due.  Thus, this is NOT the class for the student who thinks they can do all the homework at the end of the semester and expect to get credit for it.  You must do the work on time, and you will get credit  then, old homework after 48 hours is worth zero credit.

This class is not designed for the student who is always playing "catch up" with assignments.


I would appreciate hearing from anyone in this class who has a special need which may be the result of a disability. I am reasonably sure we can workout whatever arrangement is necessary, be it special seating, testing or other accommodations. See me after class, as soon as possible.

Plagiarism and Cheating: 

  • Plagiarism and Cheating: Cheating is obtaining or intentionally giving unauthorized information to create an unfair advantage in an examination, assignment, or classroom situation. Plagiarism is the act of presenting and claiming words, ideas, data, programming code or creations of others as one's own. Plagiarism may be intentional - as in a false claim of authorship - or unintentional - as in a failure to document information sources using MLA (Modern Language Association), APA (American Psychological Association) or other style sheets or manuals adopted by instructors at the College. Presenting ideas in the exact or near exact wording as found in source material constitutes plagiarism, as does patching together paraphrased statements without in-text citation. Disciplinary action may include a failing grade on an assignment or test, a failing grade for the course, suspension or expulsion from the college, as described in the Code of Conduct.
  • You only truly learn programming by writing your own code. Do not show your work to others. Each student is required to write his/her own programs/pages. Evidence of cheating or copying would result in a failing grade being given for the course. Plagiarism is using other's words or ideas, or programming code and claiming them as your own. I DO NOT condone working together in groups. Plagiarism will not be condoned and will result in a failing grade for the course. Cheating on an exam will be treated similarly. Also, misuse of the GCC mail system or the Internet or any file on the local network will result in a failing grade being given for the course.
  • You are NOT permitted to view your fellow classmates exams. During an exam, keep your eyes on your own work or you will receive a failing grade for the course.
  • Our servers are for EDUCATIONAL purposes ONLY!  Absolutely no web pages are allowed to be stored on our web servers that would any way generate any interest in collecting revenue, nor should any web page on our server, fake, or simulate any revenue collection. 
  • Genesee Community College is very strict in enforcing the above policies.
    Check out the link more information on Genesee Community College Academic Computing Policies. Any violations in any of the schools Academic Computing policies will will receive a failing grade for the entire semester.


Should the instructor not show for class unannounced, class time will be used as lab time to work on computer projects. If a lecture or test was scheduled for this date, it will be given the next scheduled class. Use this time to work with email and listservs.


There will be additional lab work given in class "in-class lab projects", and sometimes they will be collected the same day as the assignments is given out in class.   These very short "in-class" lab projects are given to encourage perfect attendance and are graded as A for effort for turning them in on time, F if it not turned in. In class pages count in your attendance factor in your final grade at the end of the semester. 




Week 1

  • Introduction to course
  • Setup up access to host with class notes to have ftp access to store homework
  • Flash Terminology.doc
  • Dreamweaver Define a site to connect to host

Week 2

  • Drawing tools Flash CS5
  • Creating Buttons in Flash to link to inside pages
  • Tour of other FLASH Sites
  • Upload one index, have your name and email on it
  • Homework 1: Create an Index page with buttons


Week 3

  • Edit your index page, put digital picture on your index page
  • Drawing Tools and Fills and Gradients in Flash
  • Working with online help Lessons in Flash software
  • Flash Preset Tweens
  • Flash 3D Animation

Week 4 & 5

Week 6

Week 7

  • ActionScript 3.0 Programming Buttons. Code Snippets
  • Bones
  • #2 HOMEWORK DUE DATE (The instructor reserves the right to make necessary changes to this assignment) Remember
    October 14 is a 200 point due date on your grade
    1. UFO
    2. fruitbowl_ICE.doc
    3. updated index.html page, date/time on bottom of the page
    Send an email to the listsev when you are all done and ready to be graded.

    From: email you signed up to the listServ
    Subject: Done with Project 2
    Body of letter please put your full name full url
    Post your full url on Genesis

Week 8
Spring Break March 11 - March 17

No Class

Week 9

Drop down menu in Javascript

Using Dreamweaver to insert Java script code for pull down menu

2 samples can be seen at


Week 10

March 29


Multimedia - Midterm EXAM is Week 10 is Midterm

MPG- Windows media player and Quicktime





Week 10


Besides the exam, lab time to work on homework #3

#3 HOMEWORK DUE DATE November 14is a 200point due date on your grade (The instructor reserves the right to make necessary changes to this assignment)
  1. Pull Down Menu - in ActionScript 3.0
  2. Pull Down menu - in JavaScript
  3. Sound Page i.e. Holiday page with music or Sound Page with Music done in Flash
  4. Coffee Cup
  5. Movie Control - i.e. preloader -must have sound
  6. Updated index page

please check the following on all your pages

  1. Does your index have a pull down menu that works?
  2. Have you tested all your links?
  3. name & email address on every page

Week 11


  • Digitalize Movies Import movies into a flash web page and publish it
  • Preloader - to help the movie page load ok

Week 12


And start to created your own new index page, 100 % new index page due with the next due date, with new buttons, and new animated menu system that you create in Flash.


Week 13

#4 HOMEWORK DUE DATE December 7th(The instructor reserves the right to make necessary changes to this assignment)
  1. Thumbnails (javascript)
  2. One more Movie page (TBA)
  3. New Navigation Bar at the top of your index
  4. updated index.html
  5. Update pull down menu to have links to all your projects
Week 14
Prepare for final QUIZ


Week 16


Final look at all menus/preloaders, and shopping flash web page


**The instructor reserves the right to make necessary changes in this syllabus either orally or in writing. It is the student's responsibility to learn
about any changes if she/he misses class.







Discussion List for the Course

I have established an electronic discussion list called   flash    for this course. You are expected to subscribe to this list from your email account that you check everyday.


  • To disseminate additional information and recent news items relating to computer technology

  • To disseminate additional information regarding course assignments, tests, etc.

  • To provide a cooperative learning environment with peer assistance

What should you do?

Subscribe to the list immediately.  


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